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Photo credit: Arc'teryx.

In Constant Motion - Global Premier


By Alice Morrison

"If you’re not moving, you’re dead,” is the mantra of ultra running star and Arc'teryx athlete, Adam Campbell. It’s a mantra which he challenges and lives out in his film, “In Constant Motion”, premiered online on May 9th.

The film follows his progress after he suffered a fall in August 2016 which nearly killed him. He was running through Roger’s Pass in British Columbia with fellow runners Nick Elson and Dakota Jones when he grabbed a loose rock which gave way and flung him 70 metres downhill. He broke four vertebrae as well as suffering a crushed iliac crest and deep lacerations to the bone.

The doctors put him back together with titanium rods and screws but, naturally, the question for him was would he run again, and if he did what would his standard be.

“In Constant Motion” tells his story as ten months later he stands on the start line of the Hardrock 100, a race he has podiumed at in the past. The race shows him that physical rehabilitation is only part of his recovery.

He says, “My accident was horrifying and scary to me and my family, but it also came with surprising silver linings. It brought me closer to my family and forced me to be vulnerable in ways I had never let myself be before. I hope that in sharing a bit of my journey that I can share some of the positive lessons that I have learned as a result of my accident and through my recovery.”

This film will inspire you and move you – I guarantee it! Check out the trailer:

And watch the film here.

Adam will also tour with the film at the following Arc’teryx locations. Check out details here

  • Japan: May 18th
  • Denver: May 31st
  • London: July 3rd
  • Chamonix: July 5th – 8th

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