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The Santa Virtual Ultra Challenge - SVUC


Last updated: 19-Jul-18

By Alice Morrison

Come and join the RunUltra and XNRG crew for our very own ultra - the Santa Virtual Ultra Challenge - yep get that date in the diary – December, you have a whole month to do this ultra!

Because we love you, and we want to keep you motivated and energised through the dark days of December (please can all Australians stop gloating!), on the back of the successs of last year's Santa Virtual Ultra Challenge, the SVUC is back with XNRG and RunUltra.

The SVUC is especially good for colleagues, friends and families as everyone can do this when it suits them rather than having to give up specific time and blocking diaries. Last year we has entries from all over the world: Australia, USA, South Africa, Malta and Switzerland, to name a few competing against each other.

Basically, there is no excuse for not doing it… you can enter this event without having to travel to clear your diary or travel to a race, just run or walk where you live and where you love. But, let’s be clear… it IS a competition! And a fierce one at that. All your efforts must be recorded on Strava (see below) ... sorry, treadmills don’t count!:

3 Challenges in 1

  • Challenge 1: Run or walk a minimum of 50km on a single day anytime during the challenge period (December) as fast as you can.
  • Challenge 2: Run or walk as many miles as you can in a single day during the challenge period (December).
  • Challenge 3: Run or walk as many miles as you can in the challenge period (December). 

Prizes, medals and buff-style neck tube

Everyone who enters and completes at least a 50km distance in a single day will be sent a Santa Virtual Ultra Challenge special medal, a buff-style neck tube and there are some fantastic prizes from our sponsors for the winners and runners up. 


Process and rules

  1. Enter the event on-line - HERE
  2. Set up Strava on your phone, you can also connect your Garmin, Suunto, or Fitbit watch. Follow the instructions in your entry on how to connect with our automated results page.
  3. Start running on trail or road out doors (sorry treadmills do not count).
  4. After each run your results on Strava will automatically be uploaded into the results page.
  5. Complete at least one minimum qualifying distance of 50km in one day. 
  6. Your mileage will be recorded in the event online results during the challenge period so you can track your progress against other challenge entrants.
  7. At the end of the period you will be sent your challenge medal, and a seasonal Buff-style neck tube... and prize if you have won a podium place.

With thanks to XNRG and the wonderful sponsors for supporting this event.


"Hey Neil, just thought I'd let you know that your SVUC inspired one little girl (my daughter Hannah) - to go out and cover 50kms of the SDW today - not sure you had 15 year olds in mind when you created the challenge (and I hope that does not cause you any problems, I wont be mentioning it ;-)) - but nice one!"

Jamie Goodhead


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