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Photo credit: Hell of a Hill.

Hell of a Hill Marathon


By Alice Morrison

“Thank goodness that’s over,” is probably the commonest thought for the select few who finish the Hell of a Hill Marathon (five) and get the final slice for their medal pizza. This year’s five day event started on Wednesday 9th November and finished on Sunday 13th November.

Hell of a Hill is a five marathons-in-five -days challenge round Rivington Pike in Lancashire. Each marathon consists of six laps of Rivington Pike and the time cut off is nine hours. The elevation gain is 1500m+.

Every day the winner gets a medal shaped like a pizza slice and if you complete all five, you get the full pizza.

This year, Christmas came early as a troupe of 130 Santas made their way to the top. Of course, the weather was dreadful with ubiquitous mist and rain. “Bring your wetsuits people” was @misterDJC’s advice as he set off for Stage Two.

It didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the runners though as they toiled through the final stage.

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Rob J

02:47 12-12-16

I managed 3 days before the tendons in my ankle stopped 'tendoning' like they're supposed to! (With symptom descriptions like that, I should be a Doctor!)
I'm signed up for the 5 again next year as I've unfinished business with that hill, so, in the words of Arnie, 'I'll be back'!