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Last updated: 14-Mar-19

The search is on. Help us to find the best bloggers and writers about long distance running and ultras worldwide.

We've started the list so please let us know who you think should be added here. The overall winner gets a free iPad Air*.

You may spot some familiar names here but you are the one to decide on our ultimate winner.

Key dates:

  • Blogger nominations deadline: midnight (23.59) GMT Thursday 26th November 2015.
  • Shortlist announcement. Voting begins: 1st December 2015.
  • Voting ends: midnight (23:59) GMT 17th January 2016.
  • Winners announced: 19th January 2016.


Enter your nominations in the comment box below. (Include blog name and url)

Blogger Blog
Alice Morrison Alice Morrison
Alistair Flowers 26.2 and beyond
Andrew Murray Doc Andrew Murray
Andy Mouncey Doing Big & Scary
Andy Cole Running late
Anna Frost Frosty's Footsteps
Ashley Charlwood Salt water cures everything
Audrey McIntosh Audrey McIntosh
Barefoot Ted Barefoot Ted's Adventures
Baz Taylor Fearless feet
Bob Cole Ultra average
Brandon Fuller Brandon Fuller
Bryon Powell I run far
Calum Neff The soul of my shoes
Cat Slater Cat Slater
Charley Radcliffe Digital Steak
Charlie Sharpe Running riot
Chris Houghboy Houghboy
Christopher McDougall Christopher McDougall
Coraline Chapatte Kos Cora
Craig Thornely  Conduct the juices
Damian Hall Damian Hall
Dan Park Fat to fit
Dane Rauschenberg See Dane run
Darren Smith The runners knees
Dave Mackey Dave Mackey
Dave Troman From recovery to beyond
David Jury David Jury
David Laney David Laney Running
Dean Karnazes Ultra marathon man
Debbie Martin-Consani Debbie Martin-Consani
Devinder Bains The running bug
Dominic Grossman Over the peak and through the pines
Dylan Bowman Dylan Bowman
Elisabet Barnes  Elisabet Barnes
Elspeth Luke Watershed Scotland
Emelie Fosberg Emelie Fosberg
Ethan Newberry The ginger runner
Gail Edmans Gail Edmans
Gavan Hennigan  Nomadic amphibian
Giles Thurston Ultrarun.in
Hollie Woodhouse The adventurous Kiwi
Ian Corless Ian Corless
Jackie Ho The ultra life
James Elson Centurion Ultramarathon blog
James Page James Page
Jean Pommier Farther faster
Jess Gray Tinks trails
Jill Homer Jill outside
Jimmy Dean Freeman Method to the madness
Jo Meek Jo Meek, the running squirrel
Joe Grant Alpine works
John Kynaston Ultra running diary
Jordan Young Love-Live-Run
Justin Bateman Justin Bateman
Karen Hathaway Within running distance
Katie deSpinter Breaking + Excellent Points
Keith Mulvey Adventures in the sky
Kelly Lucas Kelly the hungry runner
Kilian Jornet Kilian Jornet
Lenka Istvanova Runista
Linda Doke Rockhoppin' trail
Liz Tunna Random running bloggage
Louise A  Abradypus
Lucja Leonard Running Duchie
Marcus Scotney Marcus Scotney
Marina Ranger Running Ranger
Marshall Ulrich Dreams in action
Mary P A healthier moo
Matt Kiddle Matt runs far
Max King Maximus
Max Willcocks Max Willcocks
Mike Wells The demise of Mr Blobby
Moerieda Mackay My million miles
Naomi Newton-Fisher These days I call myself a runner
Nicola Gildersleeve Nicola Gildersleeve
Nuno Giao Off the beaten track
Owain Thomas Ultra running matelot
Paul Ali  
Paul Kelly Ultraboy runs
Randall Wharton Randall's running blog
Rebecca Bryant The Style dynamo
Reuben Tabner Reuben Tabner
Richard Ashton Ice, snow, fear, peaks and ultramarathons
Rich Bannister Running from the dog
Richard Bannister Best part of the day
Richard McChesney Richard walks London
Rickey Gates Rickey Gates
Rin Cobb Adventure bites
Rob Krar Rob Krar
Rob Young Marathon Man UK
Robbie Britton  Robbie Britton
Robert Hajnal Robert Hajnal
Rod Bien Rod Bien
Rory Coleman Rory Coleman
Russ King Up & down runner
Sage Canaday Sage Canaday
Sally McRae Sally McRae
Sarah Crandon Crandon runs
Sarah Ridgway Sarah's blog of running
Scott Dunlap A trail runner's blog
Scott Forbes Run till you are done
Scott Jurek Scott Jurek
Sean Conway Sean Conway
Seb Montaz Seb Montaz
Shaun Faulkner Dedic8
Simon Green Fellmonkey
Sophie Radcliffe Challenge Sophie
Sorrell Walsh Sorrell Walsh
Stuart Mills Ultra Stu
Stuart Walker Challenge Stu
Susette Fisher Susette Fisher
Susie Chan Susie Chan
Teemu Vidgrén Ukonilma
Thomas Diary of a rubbish marathon runner
Timothy Olson Timothy Allen Olson
Tobias Mews Hard as trails
Tom Owens Tom Owens
Will Cooper Will run longer
Yassine Diboun Animal Athletics


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Add your nominations below.


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01:42 06-07-17

Yann L'hostis - http://trail.x31.fr/

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06:54 24-11-15

Jo Meek The Running Squirrel https://jomeekblog.wordpress.com

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04:51 23-11-15

Nuno Giao Off the beaten track - http://offthebeatentrack.nunogiao.com

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07:59 22-11-15

Rebecca Bryant (SpeedyBecsRuns)

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07:24 22-11-15

Coraline Chapatte Kos Cora

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07:09 22-11-15

Robert Hajnal - http://roberthajnal.ro/

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07:12 17-11-15

Paul Ali www.ultraavon.com

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09:05 17-11-15

Ali flowers 26.2 and beyond
Top bloke and top blogger great kit reviews!!

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10:32 16-11-15

Diary Of A Rubbish Marathon Runner http://rubbishrunner.blogspot.com

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08:37 13-11-15

Richard McChesney

Not specifically about running, but all ultra runners walk at some stage during an ultra.