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Take this survey and help the science of endurance


By Alice Morrison

Here at RunUltra we have been contacted by a PhD researcher at the University of Kent (UK) who is investigating psychological factors and constructs which may be important for endurance performance, with a focus of developing and implementing interventions to help aid endurance athletes.

He has asked our help to spread the word and encourage the ultra running community (yes that’s you!) to take the survey. Anything that increases our understanding of how our bodies and minds react to the stress of ultra running has to be a good thing, so all of us at the office are going to be taking the survey and if you have some time, it would be great if you could too.

Here it is.  

The Endurance Research Group at Kent is looking at some very interesting areas of sport and extreme activity – including for servicemen and women: 

For the purpose of this research group, endurance performance includes not only exercise tolerance and traditional endurance sports like road cycling, but any kind of performance in which resistance to fatigue is important. For example, resistance to mental fatigue in soldiers and repeated sprint ability in team sport players. We define endurance exercise as any form of prolonged exercise. “

Some of the topics are:

  • The use of psychological skills in endurance athletes
  • Psychobiological, neuromuscular, and bioenergetics aspects of exercise tolerance
  • Novel methods to measure VO2max, Critical Power and Anaerobic Work Capacity
  • Asthma in endurance athletes
  • Novel training methods to reduce mental fatigue in soldiers and endurance athletes

Very interesting stuff and the findings will be of benefit to us all, so we urge you to take 15-20 min out of your day to complete the survey.

Thanks everyone!

Important Note: RunUltra is not in any way involved in this research and does not take any responsibility for it, please direct all your queries to the Endurance Research Group at the University of Kent.

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