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The search for the best running blogs worldwide


Last updated: 14-Mar-19

Nominations are now open for the #RunUltraBlogger of the Year 2017 Award in association with Suunto. 

Yes, it’s that time of year when we need your help to find the best bloggers and writers about long distance running and ultras worldwide so we can recognise the #RunUltraBlogger of 2017. 

This is our second year of running the awards and we’re so excited to launch our new prize*.  The overall winner gets a fabulous Suunto Spartan Ultra sports watch worth over £500 so start nominating now.

We've started the list so let us know who you think should be added to the list. We will announce the shortlist on November 30th and this is when voting will begin. If your name is already on the blogger list below you will not need to be nominated.

Read our independent kit review all about the Suunto Spartan Ultra sports watch, as Fiona Outdoors put it through its paces.

Please see the list of all our amazing #RunUltraBlogger 2016 Award winners this year. It could be you in 2017 so please nominate a blog now. It takes just a couple of minutes.

You may spot some familiar names here but you are the one to decide on our ultimate winner.

Enter your nominations in the comment box below. (Include blog name, URL and Twitter handle). You can nominate your own blog – just comment below to add it.

The deadline for Blogger nominations for the shortlist is midnight (23.59) GMT Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Blogger Blog
A Brady Pus A Brady Pus
Alastair McDowell Alastair McDowell
Alistair Flowers 26.2 And Beyond
Andrew Murray Doc Andrew Murray
Andrew Shelley Andrew's Walking (and Running)
Andy Mouncey Big & Scary Running
Audrey McIntosh Audrey McIntosh
Barend van Drooge Barend van Drooge
Ben Mouncey The Secret Fell Running Diary
Beth Cardelli Beth Cardelli
Charley Radcliffe Digital Steak
Cheryl Speight I'll Stop When I'm Done
Chris Kumm I Like Trails
Chris Russell Run Run Live
Chris van Beem Chris van Beem
Christopher McDougall Christopher McDougall
Coraline Chapatte Run Cora
Dan Park Fat to Fit
Dane Rauschenberg See Dane Run
Darren Smith Runner's Knees
David Jury David Jury
David Roche Beauty and Change
Dean Karnazes Ultra Marathon Man
Dylan Bowman Dylan Bowman
Elisabet Barnes Elisabet Barnes
Ellie Greenwood Trail Running Tales
Emelie Fosberg Emilie Fosberg
Emma Timmis Emma Timmis
Eric Shanz Ultra Runner Podcast
Ethan Newberry The Ginger Runner
Gavan Hennigan Gavan Hennigan Adventurer
Giles Thurston Ultrarun.in
Graham Kelly Glasgow tae Somewhere
Hollie Woodhouse The Adventurous Kiwi
Ian Corless Ian Corless
James Adams Running and Stuff
Jason Friedman A Muddy Pair of Heels
Jean Pommier Farther Faster
Jeff Browning Go Bronco Billy
Jeff McCarthy Run Eat Repeat
Jeff Pelletier Jeff Pelletier
Jenni I Ran Here
Jill Homer Jill Outside
Jimmy Dean Freeman Method To The Madness
Jo Meek The Running Squirrel
Joe Grant Alpine Works
John Kynaston John Kynaston
John Parkin Parkin Weekly
Justin Bateman Justin Bateman
Kate Driscoll Relentless Tenacity
Katie Hall Purple Ultrarunner
Kilian Jornet Kilian Jornet
Lenka Istvanova Runista
Liam Martin Ginger Running Man
Linda Doke Rockhoppin' Trail
Liza Howard Liza Howard
Lorraine Anderson Feel Fit Forever
Lucja Leonard Running Duchie
Majell Backhausen Majell Backhausen
Marcus Barton SpeedyLizard Racing
Marcus Scotney Marcus Scotney
Mark Newman Marathonomy
Mark Rochester & Tim Major Project Ultra
Marsden Running Lonely
Mary Pearson A Healthier Moo
Matt Frazier No Meat Athlete
Michele Gonzalez NYC Running Mama
Mike Tennent Happy Trails
Moerieda Mackay My Million Miles
Nicole Bunyon Running Mums Australia
Nuno Giao Off The Beaten Track
Owain Thomas Ultra Running Matelot
Paul Addicott Pick Up The Pace
Randall Wharton RandRuns
Richard & Bev Eat Run See
Robbie Britton Train As One
Robert Gale Beer Runner
Roger Thomasson I Run Off Road
Rory Coleman Rory Coleman
Russ King Up & Down Runner
Ryan Sandes Ryan Sandes
Sabrina Little Sabrina Little Ultramarathons
Sage Canaday Sage Canaday
Sally McRae Sally McRae
Samantha Gash Samantha Gash
Sarah Booker Dreaming Of Footpaths
Sarah Lavender Smith The Runner's Trip
Scott Dunlap A Trail Runner's Blog
Scott Forbes Run Till You Are Alone
Scott Jurek Scott Jurek
Sean Conway  Sean Conway 
Seb Montaz Seb Montaz
Sharon Came Must Love Hills
Shona Stephenson Trail Running Australia
Sophie Radcliffe Challenge Sophie
Stephanie Case Ultra Runner Girl
Stuart Mills Ultra Stu
Stuart Walker Challenge Stu
Susie Chan Susie Chan
Tanya Sylvan All In Stride
Timothy Olson Timothy Allen Olson
Tobias Mews Hard As Trails
Tom Goom Running Physio
Vicky Hart Vicky's Ultrarunning Adventures
Will Cooper Will Run Longer
Wouna & Gerry le Roux Jog Around the Blog
Zach Bitter Zach Bitter


Please find here a quick guide to our #RunUltraBlogger Award 2017 Contest explaining all our key dates, Terms & Conditions and FAQs for finding our winning #RunUltraBlogger.

More or different questions? Ask us in the forum.

*Ts and Cs apply.

Your Comments On The search for the best running blogs worldwide

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Steve UltraTrailSpain

12:49 10-05-17

Hi, I nominate Sarah Whittington's blog Dusty Runner ( http://dustyrunner.com/ ). awesome blog!!!

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10:28 18-11-16

I'd like to give my own blog a nomination. "Beer Runner" chronicles my adventures of being a new ultra runner. I love to take photographs whilst running so use them to illustrate the training runs and races I take part in. The URL is http://www.beerrunner.co.uk.

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10:17 08-11-16

I'd like to nominate Ultra Boy for his honest, down to earth accounts of a regular person doing everything from extraordinarily tough races to park runs with a buggy. He tells it as it is regardless of whether it went well or didn't and he looks at the bigger picture in terms of how running relates to the world in general. Easy to read with self-deprecating humour and thought given to what other runners would need to know about a race or piece of kit. I don't think he has any idea of how good he is https://ultraboyruns.wordpress.com

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01:38 01-11-16

I'd like to nominate my blog, "Speedy Lizard Racing" at http://www.SpeedyLizard.com long distance running but with some swimming and mountain biking thrown in. Does OtillO count as an ultra? :-)

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Arctic John

09:27 30-10-16

I'd like to nominate my own blog https://showboater-daily100words.blogspot.co.uk/
Mainly long round reports + countdown and training musings. Hope you like it!

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06:26 25-10-16

I would like to nominate the TrainAsONE blog as the articles are written by Robbie Britton and the all the information published is technically and medically accurate as TAO is the creation of Dr Sean Radford. I read a lot of blogs and never before have I come across one that is designed for every type of runner due to it's all inclusive ethos.

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02:04 24-10-16

I nominate Dane Rauschenberg's blog See Dane Run. Informative, fun, and NEVER boring!

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02:33 22-10-16

Dane Rauschenberg

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12:56 22-10-16

I nominate my own personal blog feelfitforever.wordpress.com
I absolutely love my health and fitness journey that began in 2010 when I weighed 100 pounds more and lost it on my own. I have since successfully battled and overcome several severe medical issues and yet still am able to continue with growing as an athlete and health enthusiast. I have overcome many things including but not limited to massive blood clotting, thoracic outlet syndrome, rib removal, brain surgery and more yet I have pushed myself through it all, such as racing in my 1st ultra little more than 6 months after brain surgery last year. I love sharing my story, helping and encouraging others, and teaching all that I have learned in my incredible journey