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Photo credit: www.bbc.com/sport

Brotherly help to the rescue when you've emptied the tank


Last updated: 12-Mar-18

By Kathryn Bullock

Huge congratulations to Alistair Brownlee for helping his brother Jonny across the finish line in the World Triathlon Series on Sunday in hot and steamy Cozumel in Mexico. Such an amazing scene and so inspirational.

Jonny was leading the race when his brother who was in 3rd place came up behind him and helped him run the last few hundred metres over the finish line. Watch it here.

Alistair was interviewed after the race and commented bluntly that he 'wished the flippin' idiot had paced it right' but said he would have done the same for any other runner in trouble.

Henri Shoeman (South Africa) won the race and Mario Mola (Spain), who came in fifth, was proclaimed overall World Champion.

Anyone else seen similar scenes out running that match this one? - Share your Brownlee acts of kindness whilst out running.

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