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Photo credit: Salomon.

Free Trail Running Workshops from Salomon


By Alice Morrison

You loved them, so Salomon are giving you more. Following on from the success of this summer’s Salomon Sunset Series during which every trail workshop was over-subscribed, Salomon are going to be hosting a whole series of free running workshops through October and November. 
They will be holding over 60 of them around the UK this autumn as well as in other countries in Europe and North America. Each one will be led by expert coaches who will demonstrate and advise on technique, and there will be a test pool of Salomon’s latest trail footwear and packs to try out. So, yes …. you may well be tempted to buy something.

Matt Ward, Salomon Trail Running Workshop Coach, told us more:
At the Salomon Trail Workshops, we will be aiming to help beginner and intermediate runners step off the pavement and onto the trails. The routes we have prepared offer a great mix of single track, rocky open tracks and forest roads, meaning the participants will be able to improve their technique specifically on uphill and downhill trail running and gain confidence on a variety of trail surfaces.

Runners will also be able enjoy the runnable routes and meet like-minded runners who are looking to develop their knowledge of trail running. We will also be demo-ing Salomon’s latest footwear and packs, enabling the runners to get fully prepared for their trail adventures in the future!"
Beginner and intermediate workshops are available and registration is free; you can also watch training videos and get kit advice.
We would love to hear how you get on, if you decide to go on one!

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