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Photo credit: Rob Pope.

Rob Pope just keeps on running


Last updated: 18-Jan-18

By Alice Morrison

One of our favourite ultra nutters, sorry ultra runners, Rob Pope is still at it and has just dipped his toes in the sea again.

This self-styled Forrest Gump has just run back across the USA, via Cleveland, Chicago and Glacier National Park, through Portland, reaching the sea at Bandon Beach, OR, having already put over 9,600 miles on the clock running across the United States, from Mobile, AL, to Santa Monica, CA and on to Port Clyde, ME.

What's next for Rob? Well, he'll be heading south, to San Francisco, before he hopes to turn eastwards once more, taking on both the Sierra Nevada and the Rockies on his way towards the Atlantic.

How far will he get? Well he tells us that it depends on whether he is able to find a sponsor to get him through the winter, whether he can stay healthy and of course, just like Forrest, whether he gets tired and wants to go home.

After running over 365 marathons in less than a year and becoming the first person ever to run across the United States three times in a year, why doesn’t this man stop and have a breather? We asked him and he told us that his passion for his two causes, Peace Direct and the World Wildlife Fund drives him on through the bad weather and tough days.

He also sent us pictures to prove, “I’m still smiling and I am not that tired yet!”

Follow Rob’s progress at www.goingthedistancerun.com or on Twitter @runroblarun

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