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Photo credit: Followthecamino.com.

Camino on the run


Last updated: 13-Sep-18

By Alice Morrison

Many ultra runners take on long distance challenges throughout their running careers but Agnieszka Pami and Marek Pamula had a humanitarian motive behind their 800 kilometres run along the Camino de Santiago.

They wanted to raise funds for treatment of their wheelchair-bound friend, Mirek Hetmaski, so that he could have the chance to perhaps walk and run again in the future and enjoy the freedom they treasure. Mirek was involved in a life-changing motorcycle accident seven years ago.

Of course, taking on a challenge of this magnitude is a risk and the two runners both suffered badly in the uncharacteristically hot weather that Northern Spain was experiencing last month. Both runners got heatstroke as temperatures exceeded 40 degrees Celsius.


Photo credit: Followthecamino.com.

They persevered and finally arrived at the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral on August 29th.

Now that we are well rested and had time to talk things through, we knew that the plan was too ambitious. We should have allowed ourselves 2-3 extra days just in case something goes wrong,” said Agniezska of the setback.

The atmosphere [at the Cathedral] was amazing! People finishing their pilgrimages were shouting and dancing with joy,” she said of the long awaited finish line.

We were so happy - that we didn’t give up despite all the circumstances. That we remembered that journey itself is more important than the destination. And that we could help someone.”

Mirek appreciates every donation, and so do we,” said Agniezska Pami.

It didn’t go according to the plan, but at the end it was much better than that! The Camino has a unique atmosphere - the solitude allows you time to think, more than on any ultramarathon. Even now, in these crazy times, it does transform lives. This was quite a journey.”

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You can donate to Camino on the Run here.


Photo credit: Followthecamino.com.

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