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100% British Made Plyometric Fitt-BOX

Fitt-BOX UK is now making high quality and affordable home gym equipment designed specifically for runners.

Our British-Made Plyo Fitt-Box is a revelation in flexibility and durability. Designed specifically with runners in mind they are perfect to use at home for virtually any workouts including plyometric exercises, jump training and strength work.

Leaving the gym at the beginning of lockdown I knew I needed something at home that would give me a really effective workout but that would also double up for the necessary strength work needed as an Ultra Runner.

I had been using a plyo box in the gym so thought I could get hold of one easily, but no, all home gym equipment had already become scarce and expensive. So I took this concept and came up with Fitt-BOX.

The box is so simple but has become such a valuable piece of kit. In just 20 minutes I can do a really effective strength session that is also a high calorie burner.

When elite marathon and ultra-marathon runner Helen Davies ordered a Fitt-BOX I knew that the box was doing exactly what I intended – enabling all runners, whatever ability or level, to maintain and build strength, power and endurance.  Since then we have had orders from Hayley Carruthers, Nel McAndrew and Team GB 800m runner Alexandra Bell."

Available in 3 sizes Fitt-BOX is manufactured in the UK using high quality Birch Plywood. Each box can be flipped over for varying heights depending on the exercise and or if you want more of a challenge it can be paired with resistance bands or kettle bells. They look great as part of your home gym anywhere in the home and are sealed so easy to wipe down and keep clean.

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