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Kerry Sutton

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I provide one-on-one coaching for ultra runners looking to compete in races anywhere around the world. Whether you're new to running or have completed a few ultras and are now looking to improve, I will tailor a plan to get you there.

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RunUltra Member Offer

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Why me?

I am an athlete-centric coach. which means I create plans which not only lead you to achieve results, but which accommodates all your ‘other’ demands. I adapt your plans as we go along. My coaching involves more than just the physical training needed for an ultra.

Together we will also develop your mental game, look into your sleep patterns, your nutrition and equipment requirements. In short, I embark on your training journey with you, advising, motivating and supporting you.

My coaching experience has been honed over many years. Drawing on my own personal experience as a runner, from having coached many athletes to achieve their goals and incorporating research on endurance performance.

I well remember toeing the line of my first ultra, adrenaline coursing through my body, totally unsure of what lay ahead. It was thrilling and I felt so alive! Running has taken me to some incredible places and given me unforgettable experiences, and I love empowering others to achieve their lofty goals.

Athlete testimonials:

“From the moment I met up with Kerry I was mega impressed- she was so passionate about running and on my wavelength she just ‘got it’.”

“I knocked 3 hours off my 100-mile time over just 12 months”

“..Then I met Kerry. We talked about my goal of becoming a stronger runner and I started to train with her. I loved it. I’d end most sessions in an exhausted heap but I was starting to see real progress.”

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