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Super Fit

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Consult Super Fit for personal training/coaching to enhance your athletic performance, train and prepare you for ultra-events and rehabilitate you from injury.



Member Special Offer

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Super Fit provides high quality and science based personal training and physiotherapy.

Performance enhancement, rehabilitation from complex injuries and preparation for ultra events are specialities.

Simon @ Super Fit is a Clinical Specialist Chartered Physiotherapist as well as a Personal Trainer (regulated by the HCPC – Physiotherapy and by REPs – Personal Training).

He has over two decades of experience in the health and fitness sector and his practice, both training and rehabilitation, is informed by the best available research evidence.

He is a graduate of three UK Universities and is a scientific published author.

Working with Simon always starts with an assessment whether training or rehabilitating, to set your baseline/diagnose the problem and set your goals.

The Super Fit physiotherapy service is for all musculoskeletal problems but Simon specialises in rehabilitation of complex problems or problems that have not responded to previous treatment.

He has a proven track record of assisting clients back to their desired level of function even after substantial periods on the side lines.

The Super Fit event preparation service provides a specific physical assessment, assessment of the client’s event and individual circumstances with intervention/advice in the following areas:

● Physical preparation including running analysis
● Mental preparation
● Injury risk mitigation and injury management including foot care and managing heat stress
● Diet
● Hydration
● Re-fuelling and re-hydration
● Rest
● Acclimatisation
● Logistics
● Equipment

Follow up sessions are determined by the assessment findings and the client’s goals.

Super Fit’s personal training is bespoke and caters to the individual. Ultra runners in particular would almost certainly benefit from a strength and conditioning programme as well as a professional assessment of their running programmes.

View a case study on how Super Fit helped a female client to prepare for the Marathon Des Sables race.

Super Fit is based in Limehouse, near Canary Wharf, London E14 in the UK and serves the whole of London.  Remote online coaching via Skype or other means is also available.

Super Fit is happy to offer RunUltra readers a 15% discount on fees.  To redeem this offer please quote RunUltra15% when booking.

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