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£25 off

your first finger-prick blood test

Measure and track all of the key health biomarkers related to your athletic performance such as Vitamin D, iron profile, full blood count, omegas and more with a simple finger prick blood test. Ensure you get the most out of your performance with Thriva.


Want to understand how your training is affecting your health? Thriva give you the chance to get in control of all your health stats allowing you to ensure you are always performing at your optimal level.

Thriva’s simple at home finger prick blood test can help runners measure for and manage:

  • Iron levels to see if overtraining
  • Folate levels which can lead to slower muscle repair if low
  • Vitamin D levels which if low increase risk of bone injury
  • and more!

As soon as you have done your test and sent it back to the lab you will receive your results and personalised recommendations from an expert GP just 48 hours later via your online dashboard. It’s that easy.

As a runner, Thriva offers a great way to check key biomarkers and the data it provides helps you to adjust your training and nutrition to ensure your body is performing at an optimal level. with it’s subscription function you can track your internal health over time to ensure you maintain peak performance.

RunUltra members get £25 off their first personalised Thriva kit. It’s time to take health tracking to a whole new level.

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