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Historical and Iconic French Outdoor Clothing

CIMALP offers a host of accessories to enhance your trail running experience

CIMALP is a French company specialising in technical, high performance outdoor gear for hiking, trail running, skiing and mountaineering. Based at the foot of the Mont Blanc massif, the Alps are CIMALP’s playground – all of our products are rigorously tested in mountain conditions.

Founded in 1964 by a passionate and visionary mountaineer, CIMALP has built its reputation by equipping pioneering adventurers and explorers such as Laurence de La Ferrière, who crossed the Antarctic solo in 1996. 

More than a brand: a family of mountain and nature lovers Our brand is built on a team of mountain and nature lovers. We’re a passionate, creative, ambitious, attentive and caring bunch. Every day we challenge ourselves and each other to raise performance even further.

From the technical capabilities, availability and comfort of our products, to accessibility, sustainability and customer service, we’re determined to be the best. When you buy a CIMALP product, you join a tightly knit family of true mountain enthusiasts.

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