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The Next Generation Foam Roller

Mobilise your recovery, your body and your performance

The manta foam roller was designed by a sports osteopath to target the hard to reach muscles and joints that other rollers miss, facilitating the bodies natural rhythm

The Next Generation Foam Roller

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Recover faster, train harder, perform better.

The manta foam roller’s unique design combines function and style empowering you and your body to reach it’s true potential.

Designed by a sports osteopath the unique contours allow for light, medium or deep tissue massage depending on what your body needs, helping your muscles to recover faster after exercise. The central ridges penetrate deep into the muscle fibres improving circulation, reducing trigger points and providing myofascial release. The outer grooves provide lighter massage, perfect for integrating into your pre run routine.

The spinal groove allows the manta roller to be the only foam roller that is safe and effective to use on the lower back. It targets the most important postural muscles in the body, the erector spinae. These muscles run either side of the spine from your pelvis to the base of the skull and have a huge impact on running biomechanics, spinal health and injury. Regular use of the manta roller keeps muscles loose, joints mobile and promotes better spinal and body biomechanics.

Endurance athletes always need a balance between mobility and strength to help reduce the risk of injury, improve running form and to maximise their training so they can go further than they ever realised. The manta foam roller provides the mobility, the strength and determination we leave to you.

Members save 10%
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