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Save up to 80% on UK rail travel

No booking fees with our rail partner

Trainsplit have been delivering UK rail tickets and saving travellers money on train travel for years. You can now book your UK train tickets on our partner site in any country.*

The company are fully accredited by the Rail Delivery Group and sell cheap train tickets for services operated by train companies across the UK. 

As a completely independent, impartial retailer the site will always look for the lowest fares available for your journey unless you specify otherwise.

You will never pay more on our partner booking site than on their other websites and there are no booking fees.

*Rail tickets must be collected at a ticket machine in the UK which are at most main line rail stations.


Save up to 80% on UK rail travel

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How do they offer such low prices?
Trainsplit offer these savings by using a technique called "splitting".  By “splitting” their tickets rail goers can significantly reduce the cost of train travel. 

The Trainsplit website searches though thousands of ticket combinations to find the cheapest prices and there are no booking fees.

Imagine the following scenario:

An Off-Peak ticket to return the same day between Birmingham and Leeds costs £61.10 (May 2017). However, you can buy a ticket from Birmingham to Derby, one from Derby to Sheffield and one from Sheffield to Leeds for a total of £40.10, saving £21.00. At peak times, the savings can be even greater.

These tickets are valid on exactly the same trains and you don't have to get off the train where you change from one ticket to another. The only thing that you must check is that the train stops at every station where you split tickets. So in this case, your train would have to stop at Derby and Sheffield. You would not be able to use any train that didn't.

We automate the search for these split tickets by looking through the entire fares database until it finds the cheapest options it can for both Advance and Flexible tickets as well and First and Standard Class.


Find a cheap ticket
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