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Helping runners & races fight climate change

Choose to plant a tree over taking a race tee

The pinnacle of performance eye wear.

Redefining the standard in precision engineered sports eye wear.

Active Root

Natural, ginger sports nutrition

Sportswear with #NoExcuses

Amphibian Apparel UK is introducing new, UK based sportswear to the market

Turnativ vegan sports nutrition

Explore the UK’s best range of vegan energy, endurance and recovery products

100 Years of heritage meets cutting-edge Sports Science

Kendal Mint Co. (KMC) is a new, dynamic business based in the heart of the Lake District

RunUltra Partners

Looking for some great kit or the cheapest way to get to your next race?

Browse our exciting range of partner offers to assist you with your ultra running.        

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RunUltra partner?



Vertebrate Publishing

Vertebrate Publishing is the UK’s leading publisher of outdoor adventure books and guides.