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Lynden Kemp in the Himalayas

The 2013 Everest Trail Race by Lynden Kemp


Last updated: 20-Aug-18

By Lynden Kemp

Pre race Information

After signing up for the Everest Trail Race in 2013 I was always kept very well informed as to what information needs to be sent and when monies are due.

Information on the Internet about the race and equipment required

There isn’t a huge amount of information on the net yet as the race has only been run 3 times before but the race website does give you quite a lot of information as to the recommended equipment for the race and the possible temperature range.

The flight

We flew from Heathrow to Istanbul then from Istanbul to Kathmandu with a couple of hours layover in Istanbul. We flew with Turkish Airlines (airline of the year 2013) who were very good. Istanbul airport is a very modern airport with plenty of shops and restaurants. Met up with most of the other European competitors at Istanbul airport so we could fly as a group. We were also met by some of the ETR team organizers who flew with us for the second leg of the trip. At Kathmandu airport we met the rest of the team and were taken straight to the hotel by bus.

The hotel pre and post race

We stayed in the Shanker hotel in the Centre of Kathmandu, which is the perfect tranquil location in a bustling city. 5-10mins walk from the shops and restaurants. The food in the hotel was great with a large buffet breakfast.

Race briefing and kit inspection

The night before you head for the hills there’s race brief and kit inspection giving you a detailed rundown of what’s expected of you and the race team during the race. You surrender the rest of your luggage at this point.

Transfer to the start of the race

This was an adventure in itself; you board the mini bus and head for the hills. The roads out of the city start off ok then gradually get narrower and steeper. The scenery is amazing throughout the journey. The race starts where the roads stops…! (8-9hrs-journey time)

The race

During the race you’re incredibly well looked after, both during the race and after the race, each day. You’re issued a few gels and energy bars at the start of each day’s race stage (make sure you research the sponsors gels and bars to make sure you can stomach them), also at each check point there will be some more food for you as well as your allotted water ration.

Post race

The race finishes in Lukla (the home of the coolest airport in the world…!) were you have a night there before flying back to Kathmandu. Time for a cold beer, shower and to sleep in a bed. Then back to Kathmandu for 2 nights before flying home.


A fantastic race, given half a chance I would love to do it again.

Lynden Kemp

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