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How's this for a running day on the beach? Photo credit: Wildcoast Wildrun events.

Ultra beach running or how to get sand in your running shoes


Last updated: 16-Nov-16

By Elsa Trujillo

Do you do a lot of ultra running in the summer time? Have you ever combined a beach holiday with an ultra marathon?

With no time for bucket-and-spade activities or rolling up your trousers for a paddle, here’s a selection of RunUltra races where you get to run on sand, seaweed and surf, at least part of the way!

Up and down the United Kingdom, you can get your feet sandy at the Jurassic beaches of Dorset in The Oner, the 19 Welsh beaches of the Vale Coastal Ultra, the beaches of Anglesey in the Ring O' Fire, the Isle of Wight Challenge, the shingle beaches of the Kintyre Way Ultra, the Channel Islands beaches of the Five Islands Ultra and Round the Rock, all the beaches from Port Eynon to The Mumbles on the southern Welsh coast in the Gower Ultra 50 or run the Holy Island Sands of Lindisfarne at St Oswald’s Ultra.

Seeking a beach run further afield?

Yearning for something a bit warmer? Try La Transtica in Costa Rica, where you can start on a Pacific beach, Manuel Antonio, and end on a Caribbean one, Playa Negra, or keep to the Pacific sands of the country by running The Coastal Challenge, also in Costa Rica; the South African Eastern Cape golden beaches of the Wildcoast Wildrun Race and Journey or the beaches of the Otter Trail in the Otter African Trail Run, and last, but by no means least, the beautiful Four Mile Beach of Port Douglas in the JCU Ultra in Australia.

What’s your sandy run of choice?

Have you just come back from The Coastal Challenge 2015? If so, at RunUltra we'd love to hear how it was for you.

Tell us about your best and worst experiences running on a beach, just click on each race listing, log in or register as a member and rate your experience. It takes less than 2 minutes to help others.


Glorious beach running at the JCU Ultra in Queensland. Photo credit: 74KM JCU Ultra Marathon.



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