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How could this glorious view be sinister? Photo credit: Sinister 7-100 Miles.

What’s in an ultra name? Scary, furry, brutally honest or just plain weird ultra running event names…


Last updated: 19-Jul-18

By Elsa Trujillo

We know you’ve run all over the place, far and wide, locally, nationally and even internationally. And we’re sure you’ve run some pretty peculiarly named events. Share them with us.

The RunUltra Team has selected a few to get the ball rolling. Here they are:

United Kingdom

Names don’t come any clearer than at the Brutal Enduro, 12 hours running round a 10km route, and the Monster Ultra, hopefully with no real monsters sliding out of the East Anglia Fens. You can also try The Oner, in reality 3 marathons in one and no dinosaurs, promise, or see how many times you can cross the river Humber in 12 hours, in the Hell on the Humber endurance event.

On a, slightly, lighter mood, you could hum Johnny Cash as you run the Welsh Ring O’Fire.

Around the world

Away from the UK things get scarier and furrier, hopefully with no such animals cheering you on or running as your pacers:

The Bear Trail in Belgium, again, hopefully no bears, the Canadian Sinister 7, the Fat Dog 120 and the Bison 50 Relay in the USA. Head to South Africa for the Otter African Trail Run or fly over to Mauritius in the trail of extinct birds for the Dodo Trail.

What’s the weirdest named race you’ve ever signed up for?

If you’ve run these races (or if you’re about to) please tell us when, why, and most importantly, how did you do! Help other runners make up their minds by writing about your experience.

Otters in running shoes on this South African beach. Photo credit: Jacques Marais.

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