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Photo credit: www.odlo.com

Odlo Whirl windproof running jacket review


Last updated: 16-Aug-18

By Fiona Outdoors

The running jacket is described as a “highly practical and highly effective super lightweight windproof jacket”.

It also has the advantage of being “quickly and easily packed up into its own sleeve and carried via an elastic strap at the waist or chest”.


  • LOGIC Windproof fabric, which is light and stretchy
  • Full front zip
  • High protective collar
  • Enclosed hood
  • Long sleeves
  • Elasticated cuffs
  • Male and female specific deigns
  • Reflective safety details for visibility at night-time and in poor weather conditions
  • Male and female designs
  • Price: £105

Photo credit: www.odlo.com

Pros: What’s good about the Odlo Whirl running jacket

My first impression of the jacket is that it feels nicely lightweight. It’s not as light, for example, as the inov-8 Race Elite Windshell HZ but it has more features and is still pared down in terms of grams.

Wearing it feels immediately good because it is so light and airy.

The fit of the women’s small is excellent. It is slim-fit for my UK10 size and this means there is no annoying flapping of excess fabric.

The fabric has a little stretch in it so you do not feel constrained in it even when the fit is neat – and it allows for freedom of movement when running.

The hood is well fitting, which is vital when running and especially in the wind. There is a clever stretchy section at the front and top of it that helps to keep the hood in place when the jacket is fully zipped up.

The zip guard is also welcome and stops the zip snagging on neck and chin skin.

Although the jacket is lightweight it manages to keep light wind out. There is an extra wind guard at the back of the top of the zip so the wind is kept away from the chest and neck area.

Breathability of the jacket is aided by a series of small holes in the back of the jacket and vents under the shiny safety details at chest height. I didn’t feel sweaty when running in the jacket so although Odlo do not seem to mention how breathable the fabric is in their features list, excess vapour inside the jacket wasn’t an issue.

Photo credit: Fiona Outdoors.

The length of the jacket is perfect for running and there is a stretchy section at the back hem to keep the jacket neatly in place.

It is good that the jacket packs away into a portable sleeve and can be carried easily around the waist. I think I would be more likely to stuff it into a pocket but it’s useful to have the option of carrying it.

The small zip pocket is useful for a car key or other small item (although not large enough for a mobile phone) and I like that the pocket points to the rear of the jacket and not the front. This means you are less likely to become annoyed by an item you are carrying bouncing around at the front.

Cons: What’s not so good about the Odlo Whirl running jacket

The “safety details” are not really to my taste. I’d prefer them to be the normal reflective colour than shiny purple (I have the white jacket). My partner said I looked like a Christmas tree decoration! I think you will either love the look or not.

Also, the reflective strip looks strangely cheap compared to the rest of the jacket.

Photo credit: Fiona Outdoors.

The fabric of the jacket is not the quietest. It rustles a bit and this will either annoy you long-term or you will learn to block it out. It’s not the worst noise that I have come across but there are less noisy fabrics.

The jacket is not that effective in stronger winds or on chillier days. I found I became cold when I stopped to cross a road and the wind wasn’t even that strong the day I tested it. However, it was fine when I heated up as the run continued.

Rather than the strange pack-into-its-sleeve carrying option, which is kind of innovative but not really necessary, I think I would prefer if to be packable into its own small pocket.

I like the beetroot purple women’s jacket but not so much the see-through silver grey. The men’s jacket colours are quite earthy and not to my taste but I presume Odlo has asked the guys if they will like them. I do wonder if the men will like the shiny reflective details, however!


This is a pricey jacket at £105. I would want some kind of water repellency if I was paying this much. That said, the design is good and the fit is just right. The wind is repelled if it’s not too windy and there are some innovative extras, such as the stretchy fabric at the hem and hood. I think you will either love or hate this jacket the moment you see it/put it on.

Design 8/10
Features 7.5/10
Performance 7/10
Value 6/10
Total 7.1

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About the writer: Fiona is a keen runner, preferring off-road and hilly to flat and road. She lives in Scotland where the weather is fickle so needs to be prepared for all conditions.

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“The fabric has a little stretch in it so you do not feel constrained in it even when the fit is neat – and it allows for freedom of movement when running”

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Odlo Whirl windproof running jacket for women View deal
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Odlo Whirl jacket for women View deal
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