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10 Running Christmas Gifts for Her


Last updated: 16-Aug-18

By Alice Morrison

Dear Santa, please can you bring me the gifts listed below. I will admit that I have not been a very good runner this year. I have indulged in too few long runs and too many mince pies, even in August which is not traditional mince pie season.

However, I do believe that if you were to deliver the items below down my chimney (I have one and it is clean), that would all change for 2018.

Please know I will be saving one mince pie for you, and a massive carrot (not a Camberwell one because that would be wrong) for Rudolf.

Happy Christmas, Alice.


Photo credit: Sweatybetty.com

10. Zero Gravity Crop Leggings from Sweaty Betty

The Zero Gravity Crop leggins are pretty and functional and will motivate me to get out there of a morning. They match super well with the Breeze Short Sleeve Tee too. 



Photo credit: Nathansports.com

9. Nathan Vaporairess running pack

I would love to have a go at this Nathan Vaporairess running pack. I haven’t used a full vest style backpack before and I think it would be very comfortable and ease down on the chafing.


Photo credit: 2toms.com

8. 2Toms anti-chafe gear

On the subject of chafing… 2Toms have some good stocking fillers including some anti-chafe gear. I am not saying I am smelly but their sports-specific detergent IS very effective when it comes to a pile of stinking socks.


Photo credit: Hillysocks.com

7. Running socks

Socks you say? I love a good sock. Any of the socks mentioned here would elicit squeals of glee when that present was opened. 


Photo credit: Thenorthface.com

6. The North Face beanie

My head will have to be kept warm for those runs round the Pentlands in December, so a beanie is needed, and not just any beanie but a white The North Face beanie. 



Photo credit: Suunto.com

5. Suunto Ambit 3 watch

I would be very happy, nay ecstatic, with any Suunto watch, Santa, but I think this one would best suit me at the moment. I want to make some movies and not get too lost in the desert so the GPS will come in handy. Read the review of the Suunto Ambit Peak 3 watch here.



Photo credit: Jomalone.com

4. Jo Malone cologne

This is more for after the run. It is important to feel human again and nothing does that quite as well as a squish of Jo Malone



Photo credit: Oakley.com

3. Oakleys sunglasses

A pair of Oakleys is a classic way to show you care. These ones are great for on the trail and off. 


Photo credit: Adidas.com

2. Adidas LS Primeknit top for women

The Adidas Women’s LS Primeknit Top is a great colour and the fabric looks really comfortable. I think this would get me out of bed and smiling for that early trot. 


Photo credit: Mountainhardwear.com

1. Mountain Hardwear jacket

It’s winter. It’s cold, and then it’s hot when you are running, and then when you stop it is even colder. A cover up layer to get me home is the thing I crave the most, so, Santa, if you are listening….  

Read the review of the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer here.

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