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Photo credit: Ledlenser.com

LED Lenser® MH10 Rechargeable Head torch review


Last updated: 24-Oct-18

By Alice Morrison

Winter runs mean head torches for almost everyone and it might not only be the darkness that is getting in your way. I tested this torch out on an epic climb of Ben Nevis. We started late so the whole descent was whilst it was snowing and in the dark, not the pleasantest conditions but absolutely brilliant for giving a state-of-the-art head torch a go.


  • Max Lumen: 600 lumen 
  • Other Lumen: High: 600 lumens (5h) Mid: 250 lumens (9h), Low: 10 lumens (96h) 
  • Beam Distance: H: 150m M: 100m L: 20m
  • Bulb Type: 1x Xtreme LED
  • Weight: 158g (Including battery)
  • Battery Type: Li-ion Battery 18650, 3.7V
  • Waterproof: IPX4
  • Charge Time: 6h
  • Features:
  • Advanced Focus System
  • Smart Light Technology
  • Rapid Focus
  • Temperature Control (Working temperature: -20c - +40c)
  • Speed Charging (80% after 180 min, 100% after 360 min)

PROS: What is good about the LED Lenser® MH10 Rechargeable Headtorch

I’m going to start off by saying that this head torch performed brilliantly under really nasty conditions and here is why.

It was minus 10 on the top of the mountain, which meant that my iPhone battery died and my cousin, who was with me, had a few problems with his A3s but there was absolutely no issue with this torch’s rechargeable battery.

I had recharged it to full the night before and it lasted the full five hours it took us to get down, on full beam, and a further three hours on the drive back to Edinburgh. That is excellent coverage. Every other torch I have tried on full beam for that long has dimmed.

There are three settings that you just twist to achieve, so it is very easy to operate. The lightest one is too dim for me for safe foot placement in the dark but would be fine in camp, the middle one was good, and the brightest one was excellent.

I could see absolutely sharply, and for a good metre ahead of my feet. We were descending down rocky steps which had a nice film of black ice on them and loose snow so vision was really important to avoid falling on my backside and potentially twisting something. The head torch absolutely did its job and kept me safe.

It is comfortable to wear, with a stretchy strap that does not come loose or let the torch flop about on your head. I didn’t actually notice it when I had it on. The strap is simple to tighten or loosen.

It’s very easy to adjust. You can tilt it up and down to get the placement you need ahead of you depending whether you like it directly under your feet or a little bit forward. I prefer it slightly forward.

CONS: What is not so good about the LED Lenser® MH10 Rechargeable Headtorch

The only disadvantage for me in this torch is that it is a rechargeable one, but, of course, that is also a big positive. I am quite often in places for long periods of time where there is no access to electricity. I had charged it fully a month before but then added charge (20mins) before going out with it, as it had lost some.

The torch would be rechargeable through a solar panel such as the Power Monkey. Given, the excellent battery performance, it may well be worth carrying the solar panel to recharge if you are on a longer expedition (days/weeks/months). If you are running out from home with access to electricity, this is not a problem.

There aren’t lots of extra features like red beam or flashing beam, if you find those necessary, but for me they are not, so I actually liked the simplicity of the design.

It’s not cheap but you will save on batteries and it is comparable to other high-quality torches.


It’s no secret that I liked this torch! It has actually replaced my previous favourite. I had taken a back up with me up the mountain, for safety as I really did not trust that the battery would last at the brightest setting for such a long period. But, I was absolutely proved wrong and that back up was not needed.

I was genuinely impressed and the stress of having a failing light when you are coming down treacherous surfaces in the dark and while heavy snow is falling was completely alleviated. I had to worry about my feet but not my vision.

Design 10/10
Features 9/10
Performance 10/10
Value 9/10
Total 9.5/10

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Review LED Lenser® MH10 Rechargeable Head torch review

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04:41 09-05-18

I used this on the Thames Path 100 and for most of the night, I had to turn down the brightness as it was blinding other runners and in the morning mist would just blind myself. Worth the money and knowledge that this torch will perform when needed.

I kept a charged spare battery in the pack but never needed it, it lasted perfectly.