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Photo credit: Orangemud.com.

Orange Mud Endurance Pack 4L - V2.0 Review


Last updated: 24-Oct-18

By Alice Morrison

Since a hydration pack is a real necessity for the longer runs, it is always good to test out something different. Orange Mud was a new company to me as they are lesser known in the UK than in the US. Their packs are dual purpose: running and mountain biking and there is good volume for water.

Straight out of the packet, I can see that the Orange Mud Endurance Pack 4L is a solid piece of kit. It has lots of features, and is well made. There’s nothing flimsy about it and I was eager to get it out on the trails. I tried it in desert conditions (37 degrees) when I needed all the water I could take and also on the coast where it was cooler and I wanted to carry some layers for warmth.


  • Pack Weight: - 11.4oz
  • Dimensions: 10"W x 13" tall / Volume 6 litres
  • Bladder: HydraPak 2L (70oz) elite, with quick disconnect and blaster valve.
  • Compartment 1: Bladder compartment
  • Compartment 2: Main cargo
  • Compartment 3: Zippered elastic pocket with secure key clip.
  • MUDX Technology: Trekking Pole Attachment Option
  • Material details: Stretch fabric is tough, abrasion resistant, & endurance designed. 
  • Shoulder pocket storage: Phone, gel, nutrition, electrolyte and more, both sides.
  • Front chest pocket storage: 20oz/600ml soft flask capable and trash pockets.
  • Front adjustments: 2 elastic straps on sliders for an optimum fit.
  • RRP: GBP 119.95. See: Orange Mud.


PROS: What’s good about the Orange Mud Endurance Pack 4L - V2.0

The material is hardy and good quality, both in the bag itself and for the straps. The zips are robust and the toggles and buckles seem strong. I’ve suffered from things breaking quickly before so this is a major plus for a bag that is going to get a lot of rough wear.

Orange Mud say the bag is built around the bladder and this is another good feature. The top fold over design with a slider means it is easy to open and fill and then close without air bubbles or leakage. It fits snugly into its pocket and is velcroed firmly to the top. I’d go so far as to say it is one of the best bladders for two litres that I’ve encountered.

There are also two front pockets that take either 600ml soft flasks or my 750ml Raidlight bottles with straws. I was quite surprised these fitted, but they did and were fine to run with, although perhaps a little high up for full comfort.

There are a further two pockets on the front of the bottle pockets where you can bung trash or a gel or two. These are not secure enough for anything important, however. Your phone, glasses etc. can go into the two shoulder pockets. These open downward and are secured by Velcro. When I first saw them, I did a mental “Nope, I don’t like this and there is no way my precious iPhone is going in there.”


Photo credit: Alice Morrison.

However, I had to review the bag so I gingerly put in my phone and set off like a cat on coals, waiting for it to plummet to the ground. It didn’t. The pockets are totally secure. Once your phone is in there, there is no way it is coming out without extreme force.

The back of the pack has a further stash pocket, a zip pocket with a secure key lock and then bungee cords on the outside. You’ve also got side bungees which are perfect for poles.

What I like about the variety of pockets and the expandable space on the back is that you can organise your kit and know exactly what you have put where, which saves time when you have to grab something out. There is lots of choice, and again I was impressed with the quality of the materials and the fittings.

The bag is unisex and fits all, so you need to adjust it by means of the straps at the side. These are very easy to adjust and the bag stays snugly in place once it is on. I didn’t suffer from any bounce whatsoever.

The cords across the chest are very stretchy and move with you. The bag also stayed in place on my right shoulder, which since I hunch a bit can be a danger point for slippage for me.

CONS: What’s not so good about the Orange Mud Endurance Pack 4L - V2.0

The major con for me with this bag was the cut of the arms. The cut is a bit tight for me and I would have preferred more room or cut away. I found this particularly when I was loaded up to capacity, as the strap was pulling against the fabric which protects my arm pit.

I have got quite big boobs, though, and I think this could be the problem and so may not apply to those of you that do not have the offending items.

As I said above, I really liked the variety of pockets, but I did find that the main back pocket was not as capacious as it would be in a simpler pack. I couldn’t fit in a thicker fleece and ended up putting a fleece and a jacket under the bungees.

Stupidly, when I took the fleece out to wear, I didn’t tighten the bungees enough and I lost the jacket. Can’t blame this on the bag – just on runner’s brain!

The last point is one which I didn’t expect when I first saw the bag – the shoulder pockets are so secure that you actually have to wrestle to get your phone out. I would much rather have that than a pocket which is not secure but it did mean I stopped for fewer pictures.


This is a really solid, well-made pack with lots of well-thought-out features and an excellent finish. It screams good quality and is built to last. The basic hydration capacity is very good and the bladder is particularly easy to use. It is good also for organisation and secure storage.

Features 9/10
Performance 8/10
Design 8/10
Value 8/10
Total 8.25/10

All images Orangemud.com except when stated.

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Review Orange Mud Endurance Pack 4L - V2.0 Review

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