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Photo credit: James Eacott.

SCOTT Supertrac RC review


Last updated: 20-Aug-18

By James Eacott

The Supertrac RC (which stands for Race Concept) are SCOTT’s premier trail shoe, and they’ve been a while in development. They are designed for agility and speed over technical trails.


  • 360 lug Radial Traction
  • Heel height: 22.5mm
  • Forefoot height: 17.5mm
  • No sew upper mesh
  • AeroFoam+ rubber sole
  • Weight: 250g
  • Cushioning: Aerofoam
  • Drop: 5mm
  • COST: RRP £115


It must be said right from the off: What a sexy shoe! Taking them out of the box, I was desperate to love them, because they look so good that I want to don races in them.

My first run in them was on the North Downs Way, and they were springy and responsive from the first step. I felt light and agile in them. I did notice the 5mm drop – my calves certainly felt a little more fatigued as I naturally adopted a more pronounced forefoot plant with the lesser drop. Heel strikes may struggle.

The Radial Traction is something SCOTT shout about with this new shoe, and it’s a feature they market heavily. The Radial Traction is essentially the development of lugs (the grip on the sole) which ‘point’ in different directions, radiating away from the centre of the ball of your foot. This image shows it well:



You can see the lugs in the forefoot radiating away. This supposedly provides traction when force is applied in all directions – as may be the case on technical trails - but I must say I think it’s a bit a gimmick. Absolutely, the grip is great, but so are many other shoes. The radial traction doesn’t make them ‘extra grippy’ in my opinion.

The upper is seamless and my feet certainly haven’t suffered from any blisters as a result of stitching. The toe box is roomy enough for a good wiggle, so no blisters there either. And, despite thinking I’d never need it, the reinforced toe cap saved me on three occasions when I stubbed my foot on roots along the rutted North Downs Way.

The foam fitting performance tongue sits comfortably on your foot. I personally really like it, however I’ve heard a few say they prefer a cushioned tongue.

Pros: What’s good about the SCOTT Supertrac RC’s

The grip is indeed impressive. I tested these through May and June when there was little rainfall so limited grip was required, but even on slippery gradients they held as well as any inov-8 I have (which I tend to use as the benchmark for grip).

They’re very comfortable. The tongue is noticeably soft and the lacing system holds my feet secure but not too tight. It’s easy to overtighten (because that’s necessary on some shoes), but the Supertrac RC’s have it dialled to support your foot along the length, not just the bridge.


Cons: What’s not so good about the Scott Supertrac RC’s

The only discomfort I experienced was at my ankle. The side walls come up quite high, and rubbed a little. It’s not a game changer, but over long distances it could irritate without decent socks. They’re also not quite as forgiving as I’d like, but that’s personal preference really.


I’d struggle over a 100 miler in these. They’re tough as nails, and will hold your foot and the trail very well. But there’s little give and cushioning and I think my joints would be screwed after a long distance. Unless you’ve got a few years of forefoot striking under your belt, and you can hold good form for hour upon hour, you may struggle.

Having said that, for short (up to 50 miles for me), sharp, technical races - when you need constant proprioceptive feedback to manage your balance - then these are spot on. They’re light, agile, hard wearing and look incredible!

Design 10/10
Features 8/10
Performance 8/10
Value 9/10
Total 8.75/10

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All images James Eacott.

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