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Photo credit: Copperclothing.com.

Long Copper Compression Socks Review


Last updated: 16-Aug-18

By Alice Morrison

We’re always on the look out for new products at RunUltra, so I enjoyed the opportunity to try out these compression socks whose USP is that they are infused with copper, which the manufacturer says brings with it many health benefits for the user.

Did you know that there are 250,000 sweat glands in your foot that can produce close to half a pint of sweat a day, increasing the likelihood for bad foot odour and providing ideal conditions for bacterial and fungal infections to thrive?

Nor did I, although I am not surprised, given the odour that confronts me when I remove a pair of socks after a run. Two of the big claims for these socks are that they keep you cool and that they don’t smell as bad as other socks.

I was keen to discover if this was true, and given that I went out for a run in 37 degree heat, I had the perfect opportunity to try the theory out.


  • 100% Pure Natural Copper: A completely safe, chemical free, environmentally friendly, non-drug and non-invasive solution to supporting healthier feet. Copper is known to promote Angiogenesis, the development of blood vessels and rejuvenate skin through the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
  • A super-soft, breathable, moisture wicking material ensuring maximum comfort whilst keeping your feet cool and dry throughout the day and night.
  • Anti-Microbial: Protects your feet against the most common fungal and bacterial infections such as Athlete's Foot.
  • Anti-Inflammatory: Copper is well believed to aid arthritis and act as an anti-inflammatory perfect for soothing aching feet & muscles. The compression gently squeeze your legs to move blood up which is known to help prevent leg swelling, protect against chronic vein problems and oedemas, in addition, to reduce the risk of blood clots (e.g. DVT or PTS).
  • Anti-Odour: Bad foot odour is usually caused by a mixture of sweat and bacteria. The copper-infused sock will ensure that your feet remain odour-free even when worn over multiple days consecutively.
  • RRP £15.99

PROS: What’s good about the Long Copper Compression Socks

They are designed in a gradated way to give you more support over the ankle and less in the calf. The compression around the ankle was excellent and I had absolutely no swelling in my ankles at all when I took the socks off. This was a big benefit.  For the calf – see under cons below.

I was worried that the socks would be a bit slippery because they have copper in them – not at all. They are like any other synthetic-based sock. I wore them comfortably within my trainers.

They did keep my feet cooler. I was trying to be mindful of how my feet felt during the run but kept forgetting about them and having to remind myself. This felt like a good thing, after all you don’t really want to be thinking about your socks when you are running.

They didn’t bunch up at all, even though I was going over quite nasty rough terrain. Also, they didn’t slip down my calf.

When I took them off, they really didn’t smell as bad as my socks usually do. I can do two runs in them without washing. After two runs…. everyone around me is begging for mercy.

CONS:  What’s not so good about the Long Copper Compression Socks

The socks reach up over the calf to about two centimetres below the knee. My biggest con for the socks is that I like strong compression for my calves if I am doing something long.

I really liked the compression round the ankle but, for me, I would want more compression around the calves for a longer run out.

My second con is that I am not sure I would feel confident in the socks on their own in my trainers over a much longer run. I prefer something with more grip, or with a natural mix. They didn’t slip but I was worried that they would if I was going for a really long day out.


I will use these as training socks. I did like them and I found that they were less smelly and pretty cool. Their best feature for me was the ankle compression which was excellent.

I would stick with my tried and tested socks/combination of socks and calf sleeves over the really long distances, but these are a very good addition for the daily wardrobe.

Features 8/10
Design 8/10
Value 7/10
Performance 7/10
Total 7.5/10


All images Copperclothing.com.

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Review Long Copper Compression Socks Review

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