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Photo courtesy of TRR Nutrition

TRR Nutrition Pro Advanced Collagen


Last updated: 03-Apr-21

By Stuart Leaney

Developed for Andy Murrey, world class tennis player.

Reviewed by Stuart Leaney, world class fruit and nut eater.

Also; keen runner, 2.27 marathoner, sub 3 hr 50k, and king of Wendover.

Who are TRR?

"TRR is a team of health experts and world-class athletes. We formulate supplements which are specifically designed for athletes who are serious about sport. We develop supplements that elite athletes not only approve of but ones that they have actively helped to design."

Check out the key people here

The products.

TRR’s range of supplements are made from high quality ingredients for athletes and sports enthusiasts looking to train harder and perform better. Scientifically formulated with high quality ingredients the PRO range is Informed Sports certified, every batch is tested for banned substances. I was sent two products;

PRO ADVANCED COLLAGEN 50ml Daily Liquid Supplement, Cherry flavoured

Liquid supplements have been shown to be more effective than pills or powders as a delivery mechanism. One 50ml bottle of PRO Advanced Collagen contains the same amount of active ingredients than 10 to 15 pills in a more easily digestible format.


  • 50ml Daily Liquid Supplement
  • 10,000mg Marine Collagen per Serving
  • Helps to Maintain Normal Bones & Joints*
  • Contains 7 High-Quality Ingredients
  • Developed with Athletes & Medical Experts
  • Certified by Informed-Sport


In order to best support an athlete’s joints and bones, the high strength liquid collagen drink was developed by leading sports doctor Eva Carneiro and world-class sports nutritionists. It is formulated to maintain high-intensity training as well as aid recovery post-workout.

PRO ADVANCED COLLAGEN POWDER, mango and passionfruit flavoured

Developed in partnership with Andy Murray, Dr Eva Carneiro & elite sports nutritionist Glenn Kearney.


  • 10,000mg of marine collagen and key active ingredients.
  • Designed for athletes by experts.
  • Developed in partnership with Andy Murray, Dr Eva Carneiro & elite sports nutritionist Glenn Kearney.
  • Scientifically formulated to help maintain the normal function of bones and joints*.
  • Certified by Informed-Sport, tested for banned substances.


Taste Test

Having been on many a tacky lad’s holiday, I’m pretty familiar with necking awful tasting drinks, raw egg and whiskey a particular lowlight and I’ll be honest, a fishy cherry drink didn’t excite me.

I love cherries, I really dislike fish, and the taste (which grew on me) is a very sharp cherry taste followed by what reminded me of the time I ate one of my mum’s cod liver oil tablets (I was young and didn’t realise they shouldn’t be chewed).

The tropical flavour was a similar experience but the mango and passionfruit wasn’t as sharp. We’re not taking this supplement for the taste though so just get it down (you Zulu warrior). I’m surprised there’s not a beetroot flavour.

1 a day, easy, results in 30 days.

Now the hard bit, how do I conclude whether it works or not; what results am I looking for? Collagen has so many health benefits the most discussed are below.

  • Helps with hair and nail growth
  • Supports skin hydration and prevents wrinkles
  • Promotes healthy bones and muscles
  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels
  • Boosts metabolism and thyroid function
  • Aids with weight management
  • Reduces inflammation and helps with joint pain

I’m going to focus on the stuff that matters to me and, I assume, the majority of people reading this; healthy bones and muscles and reducing inflammation whilst helping with joint pain.


The background

For the last 8 months I have been plagued with hamstring issues, both left and right legs.  I can trace it back to a rather stupid idea where I thought it possible to Climb Olympus Mons (virtually of course, I’m not going to break lockdown restrictions…)  From out of nowhere one of my hamstrings would turn into piano wire and I would be forced to walk home from my run.

I’ve seen physios, had my hips realigned, I’ve strengthened, stretched, things got really desperate and even the foam roller made an appearance. Nothing seemed to work and any run that wasn’t easy would create a reaction which was incredibly frustrating. Was my ever compassionate 13-year-old correct?  “Maybe you’re just too old dad”.

Does it work?

Since January I’ve had no hamstring issues; this has coincided with my daily dose of Pro advanced collagen. I’ve also trained better, felt fitter and recovered quicker.

Anyone who has trained for endurance events will understand the trepidation that comes with rolling out of bed and wondering what those first few steps will bring, what hurts most, which muscle is tightest, which knee will click first? Then come the stairs, thank the running gods for banisters!!! And it only gets worse, as we get older, we recover at a snail’s pace, or do we?

Since January the above travails have still been there but at a reduced level. As an example, I ran 15 miles at marathon effort. It’s a session that would normally bring a decent amount of soreness the following day. I wasn’t peak Michael Flatley but I could walk down the stairs unaided and had a rather enjoyable 9 mile run that wasn’t the usual post hard run slog.  Let’s recover like it’s 1999.

Training has become far more consistent, soreness decreased and with zero hamstring issues.  When the weather is really cold, I tend to get a bit of aching in my knees when I come inside after a run, this has stopped happening.

Of course, the sceptics amongst you will suggest coincidence and I will admit I’m no scientist and I certainly haven’t been monitoring whether my hair is growing at a faster rate or my nails stronger. In my experience pro advanced collagen has had a positive effect on my running, my training is the best it’s been since June 2020, I’ll certainly be subscribing to their monthly deal (30% off).  If you don’t want to take my word for it then they have a collection of 5-star reviews on their website.

Design 8/10
Features n/a
Performance 9/10
Value 7/10
Overall 8/10


The pro advance collagen liquid on a monthly subscription is £81.50.  If you feel the need to recover quicker (who doesn’t) or you regularly have aches and pains, then why not give it a go and judge for yourself.

About the author: Stuart Leaney is the current course record holder at Centurion Wendover Woods 50 and 100 mile races and a regular winner at Centurion Running events. 

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“Since January I’ve had no hamstring issues; this has coincided with my daily dose of Pro advanced collagen”


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