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Photo credit: Alex Stein.

Yoga for runners: Restoration and relaxation


Last updated: 22-Aug-18

By Alice Morrison

You have beasted your body all week. Now is the time to give it a treat with Alex Stein’s restoration sequences in our yoga for ultra runners

This is better than an all over body massage, and a lot cheaper. It takes just over half an hour.

Before you get down to it, you will need a few household props:

  • 2 big towels or thin rugs/blankets
  • 1 yoga mat or rug
  • 1 big bolster or rectangular couch cushion

Alex goes through how to use these at the beginning.

Remember to let gravity do its work and just sink into the positions. Breathe in and out through your nose and relax. You will feel like a God/ess when you are done.

Alex practises Raha yoga and uses the power of the poses to maintain and heal the body. She has designed this routine specifically to get to those achy runners’ bits.

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