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Photo credit: Diana Green.

Plant-based carbohydrate recipes for fat-burning strategies


Last updated: 23-Aug-18

By Diana Green

Balancing carbohydrate intake either on a weekly or daily basis can be an effective fat-burning strategy. However, to preserve muscular strength, endurance and a high metabolic rate it is important to eat adequate carbohydrates within your eating plan. Plant-based recipes can offer excellent nutrition for the runner.

See Diet for the Ultra Runner to calculate your carbohydrate intake and make any adjustments for fat burning strategies.


Equally important as matching your carbohydrate intake to your energy requirements and fat-burning targets is your choice of carbohydrates.

The Best Choice

Whole grains, beans, lentils and starchy vegetables such as sweet potato and squash are high-fibre, nutrient-dense carbohydrates which will support the efficient burning of both fat and glucose as well as protecting the body against potentially damaging free radicals, a natural by-product of energy production.

Think Vegetarian

A great way to meet your carbohydrate intake whilst getting the full range of nutrients to support your training and health is to include some grain and pulse-based vegetarian meals in your diet.

Don’t Forget Protein

Protein has a very important role to play supporting your general health and training.

Protein is needed for growth and repair of tissue, regulating metabolism, manufacturing enzymes and hormones, transporting nutrients in and out of cells and proper immune response. Add protein foods of your choice to meet your protein requirements. See Diet for the Ultra Runner to calculate your protein intake together with ‘ready prepared’ and ‘easy cook’ protein ideas.

DOWNLOAD the recipes HERE.


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